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The state of Missouri has tough laws against drunk driving. If you have been charged with a DWI, it is important that you retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will work diligently to protect your rights and provide a strong defense on your behalf.

If you face charges in the greater St. Louis area or surrounding communities, I can help. I am Melissa Featherston, a St. Louis DWI defense attorney dedicated to providing the aggressive defense you require. I defend clients against a wide range of drunk driving charges and related offenses, including:

  • DWI
  • Felony DWI
  • Underage DWI
  • DUI drugs

To speak with me about a DWI charge, contact my law office in St. Louis, Missouri.

Protect Your Rights

Many people plead guilty to a DWI because they feel they have no other choice. Often they do not understand that they may have an alternative.

Even if you were over the legal limit, you may have a viable defense. Missouri DUI laws are very technical. If retained as your attorney, I will carefully review police conduct relating to your traffic stop and your arrest to identify ways to build a strong case on your behalf:

  • Did your arresting officer have sufficient cause to stop your vehicle?
  • Did the officer properly administer your breath test?
  • Did the officer properly conduct your field sobriety tests?
  • Did the officer violate your constitutional rights?

After I carefully review the facts of your case, I will tailor a defense strategy designed to seek the best possible outcome on your behalf. Depending on the facts of your case, I may be able to seek a dismissal of your charges. If a dismissal is not possible, I can either negotiate with the prosecution to seek a plea agreement that minimizes the adverse consequences arising from your DWI arrest or I can aggressively fight your charges at trial.

Loss of Driving Privileges

When an individual is charged with DWI or other alcohol related offenses, there is generally a simultaneous procedure by the State to revoke or suspend that individual's driving privilege. For many individuals loss of a driving privilege, even for a brief period of time, can be devastating financially and can have major consequences to the entire family. If you are facing charges that will impact your ability to drive, I may be able to either reduce the amount of time the driving privilege is suspended or revoked, or eliminate the suspension/ revocation entirely.

To learn more about DWI law in Missouri please see the Missouri DWI information webpage.

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