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Have you been charged with a drug crime in the greater St. Louis area or the surrounding communities? I can help.

I am Melissa Featherston, a St. Louis drug crimes defense attorney dedicated to providing the aggressive defense you require. I defend clients against a wide range of drug charges, including:

For a strong defense to any drug charge, contact my law office in St. Louis, Missouri.

Get the Vigorous Defense You Require

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I understand that drug charges are often based on questionable evidence, including evidence which has been obtained as a result of an unconstitutional search and seizure, testimony from witnesses who may have questionable motives and credibility, and audio or video evidence that may be difficult to decipher.

If retained to handle your case, I will conduct a thorough discovery to determine the evidence in the prosecution's possession and examine potential defenses that may be exploited to your advantage. To provide my clients with a strong defense, I prepare thoroughly for the possibility of trial in each case. Simultaneously, I keep the lines of communication open with the prosecution to determine if a favorable plea agreement may be reached on my client's behalf.

A conviction for a drug offense may result in significant criminal penalties, so it is critical that you have an experienced defense attorney who is dedicated to aggressively defending your rights. You can rely on me to provide the vigorous defense you need.

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