St. Louis Cocaine Charges Lawyer

If you or a loved one is dealing with a cocaine charge, it is absolutely critical to reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. The course a case takes can hinge on your actions and how diligently you protect your rights from the very beginning.

This is particularly true with a drug charge involving cocaine because these arrests are often made based on searches of ones person or vehicle. Because of this issues of probable cause and admissibility of evidence often arise.

St. Charles Cocaine Possession Attorney

Because I have worked as a lawyer on many of these cases, I know that these charges are often based on dubious grounds including:

  • Evidence which has been obtained as a result of an unconstitutional search and seizure
  • Questionable witness testimony
  • Difficult to decipher audio/video

If you choose me as your attorney, I will conduct a thorough discovery to analyze the evidence in the prosecution's possession, its possible effects and any defenses that can be used to your advantage. I always prepare thoroughly for the possibility of trial in each case and keep an open communication with the prosecution to determine whether or not a plea agreement is favorable.

Because a drug crime conviction involving cocaine in Missouri can result in significant criminal penalties, it is critical that you have an experienced defense attorney dedicated to protecting your rights. That's why I am here, and I encourage you to reach out.

If you need to speak with a St. Louis cocaine charges attorney, I am pleased to offer a free consultation. For assistance, call 314-400-2302 or contact me by e-mail.