St. Louis Drug Possession Defense Lawyer

Every drug charge is a serious matter. If convicted of a drug possession charge, you will face criminal penalties and you will have a criminal record that could adversely impact your future employment opportunities.

If you are facing drug charges in the greater St. Louis area or the surrounding communities, I can help. I am Melissa Featherston, a St. Louis drug possession defense lawyer dedicated to providing the vigorous defense you require. I defend clients against a wide range of drug possession charges, including:

  • Illegal possession of marijuana
  • Illegal possession of narcotics and other controlled substances
  • Illegal possession of prescription medications
  • Forged medication prescriptions
  • Drug possession for sales or distribution

For a strong defense, contact my law office in St. Louis, Missouri.

Search and Seizure Issues

If retained as your counsel, I will conduct a thorough review of police conduct leading to your arrest to determine if your constitutional rights were violated. Drug possession cases often involve search and seizure issues which must be properly examined:

  • Did the police seize drugs from your car? If so, did the officer have sufficient cause to stop your vehicle?
  • Did the police exceed the scope of a search warrant or fail to obtain a search warrant or obtain a search warrant that was not supported by probable cause?
  • Did the police perform an unlawful stop and frisk that was not supported by a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity?

I will consider these and other issues to determine if a motion to suppress evidence may be effectively used to your advantage. Utilizing these and other defense mechanisms, I will work diligently to pursue the best possible outcome on your behalf.

Put an Experienced Defense Attorney to Work for You

Many people plead guilty to a drug possession charge without understanding how it may impact their future and without realizing that a better solution may be available. Depending on the facts of your case, I may be able to get your charges dismissed or reach a plea agreement with the prosecution which helps you avoid a criminal conviction.

If that is not possible, I can pursue a plea agreement on your behalf which may significantly minimize the impact of your criminal charges. If it is in your best interests, I can also aggressively fight your charges at trial. As an experienced negotiator and trial lawyer, I am prepared to offer the vigorous defense you require.

Contact a St. Charles Drug Possession Defense Attorney

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