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Many stepparents take on the role of parent without having the legal title of "parent." If you are responsible for caring for your stepchild or stepchildren and the other birth parent no longer has a role in the child or children's lives, then you may be interested in pursuing a stepparent adoption.

My name is Melissa Featherston, and I am a St. Louis, Missouri, adoption lawyer who is dedicated to bringing families together. If you are a stepmother or a stepfather who would like to become a mother or father to a child or children whom you already care for, I can help.

Formal Adoption Provides Formal Family Law Rights

As a stepparent, you probably do everything that you would if the child were legally your son or daughter. However, in the event that your spouse — the child's birth parent — died, it is possible that you would not have formal legal rights. By adopting the child, you can formalize the relationship that already exists and be granted all of the legal rights of a parent.

To adopt your spouse's son or daughter, the other birth parent must consent. In a typical stepparent adoption, the other birth parent has shown no intention of being in the child's life, supporting the child or being a parent.

In addition to stepparent adoption, I handle family adoption, grandparent adoption and agency adoption.

Adoption brings families together and provides children with healthy, stable environments. I enjoy helping stepparents adopt children whom they already think of and treat as theirs.

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