St. Louis Child Custody Attorney

Child custody decisions can be the most emotional part of the divorce process. The parenting plan that is put in place during your divorce will have a long-term impact on your relationships with your children. You need sound legal advice and, if there is a dispute, strong representation.

I am Melissa Featherston, an experienced St. Louis child custody lawyer. I have dedicated much of my legal career to family law and child custody litigation, and I have helped many clients achieve positive outcomes enabling them to move forward after divorce and separation.

Understanding How Child Custody Issues Are Decided in Missouri

Generally, in most cases, the goal of child custody in Missouri is to make sure children continue to have strong relationships with both of their parents. In some cases, the courts may even want a parent who has not been very active in the past to play more of a role in the future.

The one factor overriding all others, however, is the best interest of the child, and a skilled attorney can help you explain why your preferred outcome is in your children's interests.

Divorce is obviously a big change in your relationship with your spouse, and that change may also affect your role in the parenting process. I have guided many clients through child custody as well as visitation and can help you come up with a plan that will work for you and your children.

In addition to helping clients litigate custody issues and negotiate custody agreements during divorce, I also represent clients who wish to pursue or oppose parenting plan modifications.

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