St. Louis Child Abuse and Custody Lawyer

Addressing Child Neglect Issues in Missouri Custody Cases

In a contested child custody case, there are often allegations that a parent is abusing drugs, in a relationship or residing with someone who has a criminal history, or otherwise behaving in a way that puts his or her children in danger. In some cases, there are direct allegations of child abuse.

Whether you need help proving allegations of child abuse or neglect or you have been accused of endangering your children, you need a dedicated lawyer on your side. I am Melissa Featherston, a St. Louis child abuse and custody attorney with extensive experience litigating these types of cases.

Helping Accusers and the Accused Protect Their Rights and Their Children

Child endangerment claims are particularly common in paternity and modification cases, but they occur in divorce cases as well. The courts take these claims very seriously and may deny custody or restrict visitation when a parent is found to have been abusive or neglectful.

I work with both accusers and people who have been accused of abuse and neglect to ensure that all investigations and evaluations are done properly with a focus on the truth.

If you believe your child is in immediate danger, I can also help you pursue a child protective order. If you have lost custody or visitation because a judge found you responsible for child endangerment or abuse, I can help you pursue options for restoring your parental rights.

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