St. Louis Child Support Lawyer

Protecting Your Interests and Your Children's Financial Future

The basic concept of child support is that, after a divorce or separation, both parents have an obligation to financially support their children to the extent that they are able. Child support is a major obligation that can have long-term financial consequences for parents and their children.

To ensure that you are paying or receiving the correct amount of child support, you need a lawyer who understands how the system works. I am Melissa Featherston, a St. Louis child support attorney with years of experience helping clients seek fair child support outcomes.

Understanding and Working Within the Missouri Child Support Guidelines

In Missouri, child support is primarily calculated based on each parent's income and share of child custody, alongside a number of other factors. This means that even if the parenting plan splits custody time evenly, the parent with a higher income may still have to pay child support.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that, because the child support guidelines are based on a formula, there is only one possible outcome to every case.

In fact, there are a number of factors that can be used to increase the child support you are entitled to or decrease the amount you have to pay. I will carefully evaluate your specific situation in order to make a case for a fair child support calculation that protects your interests.

Often, after a divorce case is finalized, circumstances change, and one parent may wish to modify the child support payment. I frequently assist clients with child support modification.

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It is normal to expect parents to support their children financially, but child support amounts that are too high or too low can hurt both the parents and the children. For a free consultation to discuss your child support case, please contact my offices at 314-400-2302 or by e-mail.