St. Louis Domestic Violence Lawyer

Helping Clients Pursue and Respond to Orders of Protection

If you have been abused by your spouse, mistreated by someone else in your household or stalked, Missouri law allows you to file for an order of protection — also known as a protective order or restraining order — forbidding the offender from coming near you or your home.

I am Melissa Featherston, an experienced St. Louis domestic violence attorney. As part of my family law practice, I frequently help clients both file for protective orders and defend against allegations of domestic violence, especially in the context of divorce and custody cases.

Protecting the Rights of Domestic Violence Victims and the Accused

In many cases, a protective order is the most immediate and forceful way to get relief from domestic abuse. Once someone has been served with a restraining order, it goes into effect immediately, and any violation of the order can result in arrest and a criminal charge.

Victims of domestic violence deserve the fullest protection, which is why the protective order process should only be used in cases involving true allegations of abuse.

Unfortunately, restraining orders are sometimes abused by people trying to gain an advantage in divorce and custody cases. In addition to helping clients pursue protective orders, I also protect the rights of those who have been forced out of their homes on false accusations.

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