St. Louis Marital Property Division Lawyer

Dividing Your and Your Spouse's Assets and Debts During Divorce

If you are getting divorced in Missouri, any assets or debts acquired by either spouse during your marriage — no matter whose name they are in — will need to be divided. With some exceptions, the general rule is that this division should be equal between the two spouses.

Property division involves complex issues that often result in contentious divorce litigation. I am Melissa Featherston, an experienced St. Louis marital property division attorney, and I can help you ensure that your rights are protected in the asset and debt division process.

Answering Your Questions and Protecting Your Financial Interests

The recent state of the economy has had harsh consequences for many people, especially individuals going through divorce. It has become extremely important to obtain a fair distribution of not only marital assets, but also marital debts and the financial risks associated with both.

I am experienced at helping clients in divorce cases protect their interests and their financial well-being in the division of all types of marital assets and debts, including the following:

  • 401(k)s, IRAs, pensions and other retirement accounts
  • Credit card balances and other consumer debts
  • Proceeds from the future sale of the family home

I can answer any questions you may have about property division, from concerns about division of retirement accounts to questions about whether evidence of marital misconduct by your spouse can be used to increase your share of the marital assets.

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The resolution of your divorce case could have serious financial consequences for the rest of your life. An experienced lawyer can help you make sure your marital property is divided fairly. To schedule a free consultation, please contact my offices at 314-400-2302 or by e-mail.