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As a parent who is going through a divorce, or as an unmarried parent involved in a paternity action, you may have questions and concerns regarding visitation. How often will you see your child? Where will you arrange to drop off and pick up your child? Will you get to spend special holidays with your child?

My name is Melissa Featherston, and I am a St. Louis visitation lawyer who can answer all of your questions about child custody and visitation. Much of my legal career has been dedicated to child custody litigation. I have helped many parents obtain positive outcomes to child custody and visitation disputes related to divorce and paternity actions.

Parenting Plans Encompass Child Custody and Visitation Rights

In a child custody agreement, one parent will be named the "residential parent." Visitation is developed from the child custody determination. The custody and visitation agreements are part of an overall parenting plan that provides a way for both parents to play an active role in their child's life. The visitation agreement will address matters such as number of overnights, weekend schedules, holiday schedules and summer vacation schedules.

In Missouri, the courts steer toward joint custody. When one parent is awarded sole physical custody, it may be due to the presence of violence, mental illness, drug use or alcohol abuse. If the noncustodial parent has a history of any of these, he or she will be granted supervised visitation and will be monitored while with the child.

I always advocate for the best interests of the child or children and take that into primary consideration when seeking results for my clients. As your attorney, I will provide sound legal advice and strong legal representation.

In addition to initial determinations, I handle modifications to parenting plans.

Let me help you come up with a visitation plan that works for you and your child or children.

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