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January 2012 Archives

Missouri parents may benefit from Fed child support enforcement site

The federal government usually leaves child support enforcement up to the individual states, but now the Office of Inspector General is making it easier to identify the most extreme child support violators with a new website. The site features a "most wanted" list including information that may help lead to the capture of these violators.

Contentious child custody battles can harm children

Divorce is hard for everyone involved. When a couple has children and they both are seeking custody in their divorce, the emotions can be especially heightened. Many parents will fight to get child custody in Missouri, hoping to be able to win full custody and be the sole influence in their life. A custody agreement doesn't have to be a public battle dragging the children's emotions through the mud.

Divorced dads should fight for fathers' rights

Getting a divorce is hard enough. Being torn from your children or told that you can only see them on weekends makes the process even more difficult. Fathers' rights are something that Missouri fathers should fight for and understand that just because they are the dad doesn't mean they aren't a good parent.

Custody lost by adopted parents, using 1970s federal law

Late last week, a couple lost custody of their two and a half year-old daughter. The toddler is now being forced to live in another state from her adopted parents because of a law passed decades ago called the Indian Child Welfare Act. The law was meant to help Native American children stay with their birth parents or in Native American homes whenever possible. In this case it reversed the custody of the child from her adopted parents.

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