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Contentious child custody battles can harm children

Divorce is hard for everyone involved. When a couple has children and they both are seeking custody in their divorce, the emotions can be especially heightened. Many parents will fight to get child custody in Missouri, hoping to be able to win full custody and be the sole influence in their life. A custody agreement doesn't have to be a public battle dragging the children's emotions through the mud.

Understandably, divorces are sometimes bitter ends to a one time loving relationship. Couples often get caught up with the idea that they both want to get as much out of the divorce as possible. Child custody is sometimes no exception to this battle. It is especially important to look at the children that are involved and ask each other, what is really best for the children.

The loving relationship that parents have with their children can be soured by bitter custody disputes, even if the emotions aren't directed at the children. Using custody as a battleground can be a mistake that some parents make. It is important to put your children's feelings first, because their future emotional health depends on it.

Even after divorce it is important to show as much respect as possible for you former spouse, especially in front of your children, because they will be able to pick up on how you act towards other people.

It might be helpful for couples going through a divorce to seek out the help of a child custody attorney. They can help determine a fair custody agreement that is beneficial for the parents and children.

Source: Huffington Post, "Divorce + Child Custody = Epic Failure," Ken Solin, Jan. 17, 2012

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