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Missouri parents may benefit from Fed child support enforcement site

The federal government usually leaves child support enforcement up to the individual states, but now the Office of Inspector General is making it easier to identify the most extreme child support violators with a new website. The site features a "most wanted" list including information that may help lead to the capture of these violators.

Those who are owed child support in Missouri may take comfort in knowing that if someone who violates a child support agreement flees the state or country, the federal government can step in to help. This is just one of the circumstances that the OIG will step in to assist in the capture of violators.

They will also step in if the violator owes more than $5,000 and lives in another state from the child, or if the noncustodial parent has missed a year of payments. If the violator owes enough money, they may make the "most wanted" list on the OIG's new website.

The website lists the names of violators, picture, the amount owed, as well as other information that might help lead to their capture. Since 2006, the OIG has helped capture hundreds of criminal child support violators and recover over $30 million in owed payments.

If a parent in Missouri is owed child support, they may want to talk with an experienced child support attorney. An attorney can help decide the best route for pursuing owed child support and work to get you the payment you need to continue providing for the wellbeing and future success of your child.

Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services New Release, "OIG Launches Child Support Enforcement Web Page: Introduces 'most wanted' list of deadbeat parents," Jan. 17, 2012

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