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February 2012 Archives

Grandparents' rights case not decided by Supreme Court

This week the Supreme Court of the United States declined to hear a case regarding grandparents' rights, leaving the constitutionality of visitations rights up in the air. The case, which was not from Missouri, posed the question of whether grandparents' rights allowed them to see their grandchildren even if the parents objected.

Fathers' rights cases can be lengthy with international reach

Sometimes child custody issues can span the globe and take a long time to resolve. Because society now has easier access to travel and many people have international careers, child custody cases that were once very localized now are subject to many different laws across many jurisdictions. This week, a federal judge dismissed a fathers' rights case that lasted nearly a decade.

Missouri adoption and custody of immigrant boy questioned

A growing problem is slowly coming into the national spotlight. The problem is between parents who have adopted children legally in the United States, including a boy in Missouri, and their biological parents, who have been stripped of parental rights for being in the country illegally. Some of the biological parents have had their children taken from them while they were detained on immigration violations.

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