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March 2012 Archives

Bill may protect Missouri military members in child custody rulings

Serving our country in the military is and honorable thing to do, yet the stress can be overwhelming when dealing with divorce. When child custody arrangements are being considered for a Missouri service member, it can be stressful when one parent thinks they might lose custody when they are deployed overseas. A new bill introduced in Congress is hoping to change that.

Smokers beware: growing link between child custody and smoking

Many people understand that smoking is bad for their health. It turns out it is increasingly bad for their child custody cases as well. A new survey suggests that many cases consider whether one parent smokes when making a child custody agreement.

Missouri families face burden of unpaid child support

Many custodial parents rely on child support to pay for their child's daily living expenses. In Missouri, the amount of total outstanding payments owed for child support is over $2 billion. Now the state is working to reduce that number.

Fathers' rights benefits from involvement in children's school

Children spend a majority of their day in school. When they come home, they are often bombarded with homework. Dad that have separated and are going through a divorce can benefit their fathers' rights by getting involved in the child's school. By being involved in a child's education, a father can develop a closer relationship with their child.

St. Louis fathers may lose income with federal child support policy

Child support payments may be hard to make for those living with a disability. For those who owe child support in St. Louis and are on disability, a new federal policy may mean that any income they get from disability benefits might go right back to the government. This change could affect thousands of fathers across the country, many of whose children are no longer in need of support.

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