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Fathers' rights benefits from involvement in children's school

Children spend a majority of their day in school. When they come home, they are often bombarded with homework. Dad that have separated and are going through a divorce can benefit their fathers' rights by getting involved in the child's school. By being involved in a child's education, a father can develop a closer relationship with their child.

This relationship and involvement in the child's school could be one of the determining factors in custody during a divorce. A judge who sees that a father is an invaluable part of the child's life is more likely to favor him in a custody decision.

Many times, fathers are less directly involved in a child's day-to-day education. A custody decision might be easier if a judge sees a father's constant involvement in the child's education. Whether it is going to parent-teacher conferences or working with the kids on homework, every contribution will count.

It is important for fathers to check in with the child's teachers, and make sure they are a positive presence in the child's school and education. Being a positive influence will help fathers' rights and could help some fathers gain custody.

When a judge looks at a custody issue and sees that the father knows more about the child's education and spends more time being directly involved with the child's school, the judge is more likely to award at least partial custody to the father. A child's relationship with their father is an important contribution to the child's wellbeing, and helping the child with their education is an excellent way to be involved.

Source: Huffington Post, "Want Custody Of Your Kids? Get Involved With Their School!," Joseph E. Cordell, March 8, 2012

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