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April 2012 Archives

Man kidnaps son from St. Louis hospital, violates custody decision

A parent's worst nightmare would be to suddenly find their child missing. Yesterday, a young boy who was waiting for a heart transplant in a St. Louis hospital was taken by his father who didn't have custody of him, violating a custody decision. The mother of the child had full custody of the son.

Paternity tests may solve child support cases in St. Louis

Many cases of child support help provide for the well being of a child whose parents aren't married. A man in a different state recently served jail time for not paying child support. The only problem was, the baby wasn't his. After serving time in jail, he was able to take a paternity DNA test, and proved that he wasn't the father, and was released.

Cohabitation increase may raise St. Louis fathers' rights questions

Many couples are now choosing to have children outside of marriage. This is according to government data that shows a dramatic increase in the past few years in the number of people that are having children while cohabitating. This means parents are living together with their children, but aren't married.

Don't set yourself up to lose child custody in Missouri

Child custody cases are emotional and often very important decisions in a child's life. The decision of whether to grant child custody to one parent in Missouri over another can impact the child's development. Fathers often find themselves struggling to gain custody of their children during a divorce.

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