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Man kidnaps son from St. Louis hospital, violates custody decision

A parent's worst nightmare would be to suddenly find their child missing. Yesterday, a young boy who was waiting for a heart transplant in a St. Louis hospital was taken by his father who didn't have custody of him, violating a custody decision. The mother of the child had full custody of the son.

Luckily, the boy was found safe in a Chicago hospital, and the father and grandmother who are accused of taking him have been arrested and charged. This story highlights the sensitivity of child custody and visitation issues. It is important that parents work together on child custody and visitation issues.

Many times when family members become under stress because of visitation issue, and there is an illness in the family, people can act in unexplainable ways. It is important that when someone disagrees with a custody or visitation issue, they seek legal help, and don't take matters into their own hands. Doing so could make it harder to seek a reversal of any current legal agreement in place.

While this situation ended with the boy being alright, it could have turned out very differently. Family law attorneys deal with many different aspects of child custody and visitation issues. If a parent doesn't receive the custody decision they expected, there may be other options to pursue.

Speaking with a family law attorney might be a good first step in resolving a conflict regarding a St. Louis child custody situation. Taking matters into your own hands can further complicate a child custody situation.

Source: STL Today, "Child found safe in Chicago after being taken from St. Louis hospital," Patrick M. O'Connell, April 25, 2012

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