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May 2012 Archives

Missouri couple in midst of international child custody case

Handling the myriad issues that can be related to child custody can be overwhelming to any family, but one Missouri family is facing an international custody battle that is proving to be particularly challenging. And it appears far from over.

Supermodel, billionaire dad reach child support agreement

In Missouri and elsewhere, a judge may require the non-custodial parent in a child custody arrangement to pay child support to the custodial parent. Child support provides the custodial parent with the means to raise the child or children in a secure and supporting environment. In determining the amount a non-custodial parent should pay, a judge may decide to use a fraction of their salary as a baseline.

Father wins visitation rights after lengthy court battle

Many children are born outside of marriage each year. Often times, this raises questions of who has the right of custody over the child. Some fathers are not granted visitation because of sometimes unfair favoritism of the mother in the court system. It is important that fathers fight for their rights to see their children and be a part of their lives.

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