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June 2012 Archives

Missouri grandparents' rights a concern due to rising statistics

Missouri residents may be aware that the trends in child rearing are shifting; however where the shift is heading may be a bit of a surprise. Grandparents' rights are again making headlines due to new statistics from the U.S. Census, showing an emerging subgroup of grandparents that raise their grandchildren: single grandfathers. This shift toward grandparents raising grandchildren has been increasing since 2008 and has a focus has been placed on these roles and grandparents' rights.

Int'l child support enforcement measure could help Missouri

New legislation has been passed aimed at helping Missouri and other states collect child support payments from overseas parents. The U.S. House approved the measure earlier this month, sending it on to the Senate for possible action.

Court says history key to Missouri man's custody rights

If a biological father who is not married to the mother wants to gain custody rights to his child he must act with reasonable speed in order to ensure he continues to be a part of the child's life. That's the ruling a man from St. Louis was handed when he learned that he had a nearly 10-year-old daughter living outside of Missouri.

Child custody among grandparents, relatives, a positive option

Today's family composition in Missouri is much different than in past decades. Today, more and more children are living with relatives such as grandparents rather than their parents. Child custody is not as cut and dried as a court determining which parent the child lives with more or less than the other. Oftentimes, parenting grandparents have rights and benefits they don't even know about. They would do well to be in touch with an experienced attorney who could help them.

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