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August 2012 Archives

'Back to school' can raise visitation issues for St. Louis parents

During divorce, child custody and visitation are often the paramount decisions facing St. Louis parents. As parents determine how child custody and visitation schedules will be maintained, it may benefit them to consider how such schedules will affect school-age children. It can be challenging for divorced parents to work out schedules for the full school year, so some experts have offered advice on ways that parents can ease the transition from summer to school when visitation issues may arise.

Missouri music lovers: Stevie Wonder requests joint child custody

During divorce, the most important arrangements that Missouri parents will make are regarding child custody. When parents do not see eye to eye on custody issues, the process can become more lengthy and challenging. Recently, there have been many stories in the media surrounding celebrity divorces and child custody battles, many with unfortunate drama. The divorce case of Stevie Wonder and wife Kai Millard Morris, however, shows how amicable some divorce cases can truly be.

Successful Missouri divorce requires following visitation orders

Parents who are considering ending a marriage have one priority that typically stands above all others: the best interests of their children. Missouri parents filing for divorce may benefit from being sensitive to the life that their child will be living apart from their supervision and control.

Assistance in child support may be needed throughout Missouri

The month of August is child support awareness month across the country. As a result, an increased emphasis has been placed on parents getting up-to-date with their child support obligations. One out-of-state county has attempted to meet this issue head-on by offering those who are falling behind in their child support payments an opportunity to come in and work out a modification, relief that many Missouri parents may also desperately need.

Federal child custody ruling could affect Missouri adoptions

A Native American baby has been ordered to be returned to her biological father in a ruling by the Supreme Court of a southern state. The decision, reached by a 3-2 margin, held that a biological parent is given preference over adoptive parents under a specific federal law. This determination, according to the director of the National Indian Child Welfare Association, is in line with other state court decisions on child custody across the country. As a result, it may impact any similar cases confronting Missouri courts.

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