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Assistance in child support may be needed throughout Missouri

The month of August is child support awareness month across the country. As a result, an increased emphasis has been placed on parents getting up-to-date with their child support obligations. One out-of-state county has attempted to meet this issue head-on by offering those who are falling behind in their child support payments an opportunity to come in and work out a modification, relief that many Missouri parents may also desperately need.

The program is being offered throughout the month of August. Those who attend will be offered advice on how to request a child support modification that is based on their current income. The program will also inform parents of certain programs that are available to reduce some of their past due payments.

It was reported that this California county alone serves 18,000 children each year and collects almost $38 million in child support payments. Program directors have stated that parents should be prepared to make payments when they come in for assistance. This assistance will, according to officials, not only make child support payments more reasonable for parents, but may also allow them to regain their professional or driver's licenses that they had lost due to their inability to pay support in the past.

The issue of falling behind on child support payments is an issue that many Missouri parents are facing. It may the best approach for many parents to seek advice as to whether there are programs available in their country that are similar to the one being offered in California. By proactively looking for ways to solve these child support issues, parents can avoid the many consequences that are associated with non-payment and can instead focus on protecting both they and their children's best interests. Of course, sometimes financial circumstances simply prevent making the required payments, and courts are prepared to consider applications for a downward modification of child support, based upon a showing of a substantial change in circumstances.

Source: The Reporter, "County offers child support help," July 26, 2012

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