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Missouri music lovers: Stevie Wonder requests joint child custody

During divorce, the most important arrangements that Missouri parents will make are regarding child custody. When parents do not see eye to eye on custody issues, the process can become more lengthy and challenging. Recently, there have been many stories in the media surrounding celebrity divorces and child custody battles, many with unfortunate drama. The divorce case of Stevie Wonder and wife Kai Millard Morris, however, shows how amicable some divorce cases can truly be.

Stevie Wonder filed for divorce in August from his wife of 11 years. The couple had been separated since 2009 in an attempt to determine what would be best for their family. Based on the recent divorce filing, it would appear that they believe that they are better separate. According to the filing, Wonder has requested joint custody of the couple's two sons, ages seven and 10.

Along with requesting joint custody, Wonder has stated that he will pay spousal support and child support to Morris. Sources have indicated that the divorce is amicable and both Wonder and Morris appear to be in agreement. This celebrity divorce illustrates how working together can make divorce easier. The final outcome of the child custody agreement has yet to be determined, as the case may take up to six months to finalize.

Determining child custody arrangements can be an emotional and sometimes complicated process. Divorce and child custody does not have to be teemed with animosity however. The most important thing for Missouri parents to remember is that when they work together and put the best interests of the child first, they can be very successful during and after divorce. Every divorce is different, and to help couples find the best balance for their family, it may be wise for them to consider the advocacy of someone experienced in child custody issues who knows the laws of Missouri and can help guide parents through the process.

Source: Examiner.com, "Stevie Wonder divorce: Legend files for joint custody," Effie Orfanides, Aug. 4, 2012

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