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Successful Missouri divorce requires following visitation orders

Parents who are considering ending a marriage have one priority that typically stands above all others: the best interests of their children. Missouri parents filing for divorce may benefit from being sensitive to the life that their child will be living apart from their supervision and control.

It is crucial to maintain a level of respect and honesty when considering proper visitation rights, and also in upholding the rights of the parent operating under visitation conditions.. Divorce planning can seem like isolation for each parent, but where children are concerned, a parenting plan is something that needs to be laid out and adhered to during and after the divorce.

Ideally, when parents decide to separate, both agree on every detail and the divorce carries on smoothly and swiftly. Unfortunately this doesn't always happen. Even if the marriage is split cleanly, new realities can come into play if one parent tries to exercise some level of undue control. This can go both ways, regardless of gender.

Women sometimes believe the father needs constant instructions on raising a child. Likewise, some fathers believe that because they pay child support, they have authority over what happens in the mother's house. Regardless of what side of a dispute a parent is on, the children stand to be hurt most of all. Arguing and domineering attitudes between parents can misrepresent the level of care both have for the children.

Unfortunately these scenarios do exist and, when they play out, special assistance may be needed to resolve any conflict. Missouri parents may need to seek professional help and understanding that can bring a more balanced perspective to light.

When visitation rights are somehow infringed, emotions may get out of control. Children involved may sense the tension but not understand the reasons for it and suffer unduly as a result.

Source: HuffingtonPost.com, "You May Be Divorced, But You're Still a Family," Virginia Gilbert, Aug. 3, 2012

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