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September 2012 Archives

Missouri child support: Seeking a change when struggling to pay

Missouri parents can struggle to make ends meet in the current economy, but adding child support into the mix can worsen their financial status. Parents struggling to meet their child support obligations have legal options available to them, and they can request a reduction in their payments if a valid hardship exists. Such may be the case for a former official in another state who is struggling to make the $1,227 per month payments he's been ordered to make.

Child support essential for struggling Missouri mothers

There are a substantial number of struggling families in the United States that are headed by a single mother. In many of these cases, the mothers and their children are not receiving the benefit of child support, which can make the situation even more difficult. However, with the wave of the recession still affecting people across Missouri, it has been noted that circumstances may continue to diminish for a mother who is struggling to support her children.

Could grandparents' rights come to be at risk in Missouri?

There has been a significant amount of litigation as to what role a grandparent should play in their grandchild's life. This role has been especially debated when a Missouri couple divorces or the child of the grandparent passes away. However, a debate is brewing in another state about whether grandparents' rights ought to be curtailed. Indeed, the entire issue of access to grandchildren in divorce and other family circumstances remains a national concern.

Woman arrested for interfering with child custody order

It may be of some interest to Missouri parents to know what consequences they can face if they violate a child custody order. In a recent case, a woman from another state is learning how serious courts consider a violation of such an order. She is now facing serious criminal charges. According to authorities, the woman has been wanted for her alleged violation of a child custody order for several years.

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