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Child support essential for struggling Missouri mothers

There are a substantial number of struggling families in the United States that are headed by a single mother. In many of these cases, the mothers and their children are not receiving the benefit of child support, which can make the situation even more difficult. However, with the wave of the recession still affecting people across Missouri, it has been noted that circumstances may continue to diminish for a mother who is struggling to support her children.

It has been reported that 41 percent of homes headed by a single mother are at or below the poverty level in the United States. These figures may continue to rise, as it has also been reported that children born to single mothers in the U.S. are also increasing. Without proper financial support, this has forced many single women to work several low paying jobs in an effort to meet the basic needs of themselves and their children.

However, despite many women working, their financial circumstances have not improved, in many situations. Expenses for child care, and the limited income they are able to bring in due to the low wages many mothers are earning, continues to place them in a precarious situation. This sometimes leads to eviction notices or utilities being turned off, which single women are more at risk for than others individuals who are in the same income bracket.

Child support for many Missouri families is essential to their well being. However, despite this necessity, many families continue to go without the support. In such cases, an individual may benefit from understanding what methods are available for them to either petition for a child support order to be issued or to have an existing order enforced. This may help convince an individual obligated to make such payments to finally step up and provide the support that so many families desperately need.

Source: Chron, "Figures show struggle worsening for single mothers," Renee C. Lee, Sept. 5, 2012

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