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October 2012 Archives

Missouri father's rights: Case influential in changing the law

One man has taken his fight for fathers' rights to the courts, resulting in a change to the law. His case has the potential to affect fathers in Missouri and around the country by encouraging a closer look at outdated laws. The man in question is the father of a little girl taken away after his girlfriend reunited with her estranged husband. The man has since been involved in a long legal journey seeking to fight for fathers' rights.

Missouri child support modification possible for parents

Many Missouri parents may owe child support money to the custodial parents of their minor children. With the current state of the economy, it can be difficult for some to continue making those payments, especially in the event of job loss. Even people who may appear to be making good money can have trouble making their child support payments. Such is the case for a current NBA player who could serve time in jail if he doesn't make good on his past due payments.

Missouri child custody cannot always be settled out of court

Child custody issues are among the hardest to settle for Missouri couples going through divorce. While many cases will be settled at the circuit court level, sometimes divorcing spouses do not agree with the decisions that lower courts make and choose to appeal rulings to a higher court. One wealthy couple is experiencing this issue. After a judge gave joint custody to them, the woman appealed and pursued the child custody case to their state's Supreme Court.

Child support case: Rapper fails to disclose new job to judge

Missouri residents may not know that Bow Wow, a rapper and actor, will have to face the music in court in December for apparently failing to disclose information to a judge. He and the mother of his 1-year-old daughter were in court to set child support when Bow Wow is said to have neglected to inform the judge about his new job as the host of 106 and Park, a hip hop show on the BET network. Not telling the judge about this additional income may result in a court ordered increase in his child support payment.

Child Custody: Most emotionally difficult element of any divorce

Divorce can be, as many know first-hand, emotionally and financially taxing for both parties involved. When child custody issues and/or concerns are a part of the process, it can become exponentially more difficult for both the adults involved and the children. There are many options Missouri parents contemplating separation should consider with regard to child custody and disputes over child custody agreements.

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