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Child support case: Rapper fails to disclose new job to judge

Missouri residents may not know that Bow Wow, a rapper and actor, will have to face the music in court in December for apparently failing to disclose information to a judge. He and the mother of his 1-year-old daughter were in court to set child support when Bow Wow is said to have neglected to inform the judge about his new job as the host of 106 and Park, a hip hop show on the BET network. Not telling the judge about this additional income may result in a court ordered increase in his child support payment.

According to sources, the rapper did disclose that he makes $4,000 a month working for Cash Money Records and reportedly has $1,500 in the bank. After much discussion and debate, the rapper agreed to pay $3,000 a month in child support even though he indicated his income was $4,000 per month. This may have left the court wondering how he was going to pull that off.

He will now have to explain himself to the judge at the December hearing to set the final child support order. On top of everything else, Bow Wow apparently owes back child support to the mother of his child in the approximate amount of $11,500. He may also be required to come up with a plan to begin paying that amount as well.

Failing to disclose a source of income to the court may have consequences, particularly if the court finds the nondisclosure to have been willful. Child support is a serious issue since its ultimate purpose is to benefit the child. The hope is to support a child in the manner they would have been supported had the parents remained together. Any Missouri parent who suspects that the other parent has not been forthcoming with the court about their income and assets may benefit from seeking guidance to assess their circumstances and determine the proper legal steps necessary to resolve the issue.

Source: Examiner.com, "Bow Wow's child support woes," Jovan Neely, Oct. 2, 2012

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