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Missouri father's rights: Case influential in changing the law

One man has taken his fight for fathers' rights to the courts, resulting in a change to the law. His case has the potential to affect fathers in Missouri and around the country by encouraging a closer look at outdated laws. The man in question is the father of a little girl taken away after his girlfriend reunited with her estranged husband. The man has since been involved in a long legal journey seeking to fight for fathers' rights.

The man had no idea his girlfriend was still married until their daughter was born and he was not allowed to sign the birth certificate. Although the couple continued to live together after the little girl was born, about two years later they split up. The mother reunited with her husband and the man's custody was stripped away after the husband went to the courts claiming that he would raise the other man's daughter as his own.

The man has since been embroiled in a bitter custody battle to get his daughter back. The Michigan case has received so much attention that it has spurred a change in the law. The governor has since signed a new law that offers biological fathers the right to petition for their parental rights. Critics of the old law claim that it was more concerned with keeping a family together than what was best for the child. The husband in this case is currently serving prison time for drug trafficking, allegedly committed when the little girl was in his presence.

A case like this can be heartbreaking, but the man's fight for fathers' rights has been influential in forcing the state to take a closer look at their laws concerning child custody. Hopefully his case will encourage Missouri and other states to also examine their laws. Doing so could help avoid something like this occurring in the future.

Source: wnem.com, "Twisted parental rights case tests new state laws," Erik Horn, Oct. 19, 2012

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