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November 2012 Archives

Hiding assets could be a reason for Missouri child support battle

Matters of Missouri child support can quickly escalate, especially if one parent feels like another is hiding assets or other money which should be calculated in the amount they are required to pay. While some couples choose not to seek court ordered child support, this doesn't work for everyone. One couple with this situation has landed in court and the husband has been ordered to begin paying his ex-wife after a judge set up a temporary court order.

Missouri grandparents' rights: Couple kept kids away

Grandparents' rights came into play in the case from another state of a couple accused of depriving the paternal grandparents of the right to see their grandchildren. The couple allegedly took the three children to Mexico in 2007 and neglected to tell the grandparents. They have since been charged with the crime of child custody deprivation. The case highlights grandparents' rights, and although it has a positive ending for them, many times such delicate issues could end with hurt feelings and family rifts. Grandparents in Missouri going through a similar situation should know that they likely have legal rights available to them and may assess their right to seek visitation of their grandchildren through the family courts.

Missouri child support: Mother struggles with decision

One of the touchiest subjects in a Missouri custody dispute can be the child support. Although it is court-ordered, some parents may be upset about having to pay it. One mother questions whether she should make her ex-husband pay child support because he claims doing so will cause resentment over their children.

Know your Missouri child support rights to recoup overdue money

Missouri parents involved in legal battles over child support are familiar with how stressful they can be. Many single parents struggle when they don't receive their child support payments, and it can be stressful to try to make ends meet when no help from the other person. Parents in this situation fortunately have legal options available to them to help receive their payments or ensure the other parent is held accountable for their non-payment.

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