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Hiding assets could be a reason for Missouri child support battle

Matters of Missouri child support can quickly escalate, especially if one parent feels like another is hiding assets or other money which should be calculated in the amount they are required to pay. While some couples choose not to seek court ordered child support, this doesn't work for everyone. One couple with this situation has landed in court and the husband has been ordered to begin paying his ex-wife after a judge set up a temporary court order.

The couple went through a divorce in 2011, but did not set up court-ordered child support payments. The man claimed he was paying his wife over $2,000 a month in alimony, paid for her vehicle and also paid half of much of the children's expenses. However, the wife sought to amend the divorce decree and claimed her ex-husband was hiding assets from her. She also claimed he was using political clout to threaten her and also drank 'excessively' around their kids.

A judge issued a temporary court order that required him to pay almost $2,000 per month in child support beginning in December. The order means the man has no other obligation to provide his wife any extra money for expenses. She is also seeking sole custody of their children.

When a Missouri parent feels like the other is hiding assets that could affect their monthly child support payment, legal options exist. Understanding these rights can help parents fight to get the money that is owed to them. When parents are raising children by themselves, monthly child support can make a big difference and can be imperative in the day-to-day living expenses that are required to successfully run a single parent home.

Source: The Republic, "Southaven mayor agrees to temporary child support settlement in divorce," Nov. 18, 2012

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