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Missouri child support: Mother struggles with decision

One of the touchiest subjects in a Missouri custody dispute can be the child support. Although it is court-ordered, some parents may be upset about having to pay it. One mother questions whether she should make her ex-husband pay child support because he claims doing so will cause resentment over their children.

The woman stated she was unsure whether her ex-husband actually holds ill feelings towards their children or if he is trying a ploy. She has not forced him to pay anything yet, but she is experiencing a drain on her finances because of it. She is struggling between requiring him to pay and trying to continue raising the children with no financial help from him.

Divorce can be difficult on everyone, but the children seem to have the most to lose. When a mother or father has to pick up the financial slack, it can cause serious financial troubles for the single parent. Longer work hours and money trouble can cause emotional stress on the parent that the children may eventually pick up on. Parents typically want their children to have a good life and child support can help ease that burden. Those who don't pay child support could be forcing the other parent into a losing situation.

When child support in Missouri is court ordered, it can help single parents who are struggling to raise the children on their own. Although some parents may be disgruntled, child support helps those parents give their children things they may need or want. Parents who are not receiving their child support have legal options available to them and can involve the courts in their battle to get the money that another parent has been ordered to pay. Likewise, a noncustodial parent who has suffered a substantial change in financial circumstances may request relief from a court in the form of a petition for a downward modification of an existing child support order.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "Q&A: Should mom force dad to pay child support?," Jodie Lynn, Nov. 1, 2012

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