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December 2012 Archives

Missouri child custody battles can fracture families

Missouri fans of the hit show 'Modern Family' may already be aware of the family drama surrounding one of the younger members of the cast. Ariel Winter has been in and out of court amid accusations her mother is abusing her. In a recent order, her mother lost the child custody battle, and her older sister has been awarded guardianship.

Missouri child support: Judge orders man to stop having kids

Missouri parents can often be frustrated when they don't receive their court-ordered child support. In recent news, a judge at the center of just such a child support case has issued a unique condition against a man allegedly behind on his payments by over $100,000. The judge has told the man that as a condition of his probation on the child support charges, he will not be able to father any more children until such time as he can prove that he is able to provide for his children. Initially the judge was disappointed because he could not order the man to undergo sterilization; however, the Assistant District Attorney advised him he had some control over the man's reproduction.

Missouri child support: Court orders homeless man to pay

Most Missouri parents involved in a child support battle have jobs and a roof over their head. While the economy has been tough one everyone, others suffer even more from it. In a recent child support case making headlines, a homeless man has been told by a judge to shape up and get a job. The 42-year-old man is behind over $60,000 in child support.

Missouri child custody: Should you fight for a teenager?

Missouri parents of teenagers know the frustrations that can go with raising one. For many, the question of child custody may now be at the back of their mind especially since teenagers can often decide who they want to live with now that they are older. Many courts will take a teenager's desires into account when trying to determine custody. However, parents realize their teenager can be easily swayed by monetary gifts and lax discipline on the other parent's part.

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