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Missouri child support: Court orders homeless man to pay

Most Missouri parents involved in a child support battle have jobs and a roof over their head. While the economy has been tough one everyone, others suffer even more from it. In a recent child support case making headlines, a homeless man has been told by a judge to shape up and get a job. The 42-year-old man is behind over $60,000 in child support.

He has been convicted on a felony charge of failing to pay his child support and skipping bond. However, reports state the man is also failing to support himself as well. The judge told the man he shouldn't be homeless but is doing absolutely nothing to help himself or his child. The man has stated he will seek shelter in a local mission and look for work as soon as possible.

He has been ordered to begin paying over $1000 a month towards his debt. He has also been ordered to pay over $1,000 for the cost of having him extradited back to Michigan and over $1,000 in court costs. He is also responsible for paying almost $500 in attorney fees for both cases.

This is a unique case because it involves someone with no place to call home and no immediate income. Missouri parents in a similar situation should know they have legal rights available to them that may allow them to seek court intervention. When a parent's financial circumstances drastically change, they can request a modification of their child support order. Doing so can allow them the chance to get their lives back in order, but reduce the amount of money they are paying per month going forward in order to keep supporting their children while they get their own lives back on track.

Source: SturgisJournal.com, "Homeless dad ordered to get a job, start paying child support debt," Nov. 30, 2012

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