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Missouri child support: Judge orders man to stop having kids

Missouri parents can often be frustrated when they don't receive their court-ordered child support. In recent news, a judge at the center of just such a child support case has issued a unique condition against a man allegedly behind on his payments by over $100,000. The judge has told the man that as a condition of his probation on the child support charges, he will not be able to father any more children until such time as he can prove that he is able to provide for his children. Initially the judge was disappointed because he could not order the man to undergo sterilization; however, the Assistant District Attorney advised him he had some control over the man's reproduction.

She cited a prior case upheld by the state's Supreme Court that allowed a judge to prevent a man from having children until he was able to show he could provide financially for them. While the man's defense attorney argued that the unique condition was not recommended by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, the judge immediately made it a probation condition. The man has stated that he will comply with the judge's order.

The father at the heart of this case has reportedly fathered nine children with several different women. The $100,000 amount is past due child support and interest on those payments. The judge in the case stated that common sense should inform the man that he shouldn't continue to have children if he can't afford to support them. The man will be on probation for three years, but his payment schedule for the child support was not divulged.

When Missouri parents fail to receive the child support that they need to care for their children, it can be a stressful time. Fortunately options exist that can help them recoup that money. Parents who fail to obey court orders can often find themselves in court and battling additional legal trouble if failing to make payments results in additional charges. For that reason, parents who find themselves unable to comply with child support orders should consider seeking a modification in court.

Source: Clarionledger.com, "Wis. man $100K behind on child support ordered not to have kids," Dec. 5, 2012

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