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January 2013 Archives

Missouri child custody: Dual citizenship and divorce

Missouri residents going through a divorce with a spouse who has dual citizenship may be wary of the possibility of losing child custody. Horror stories have occasionally been reported in the media concerning parents taking children outside of this country and overseas, sometimes resulting in an expensive and lengthy custody battle for the parents left here. A situation like this may warrant the need for a knowledgeable team prepared for a child custody fight, especially if there is any chance the other parent may flee.

Grandparents seek child custody in Missouri and another state

A child custody battle is heating up and will cross the Missouri state line. The issue at its heart is the child of deceased NFL player Jovan Belcher and Kassandra Perkins, also deceased. The child custody case is between the child's grandparents on both sides. After the death of the little girl's parents, she was turned over to her paternal grandmother.

Missouri child support: Military member loses custody battle

Missouri military members may commiserate with a woman fighting a custody battle over her two young children. The woman met her husband after she had enlisted in the military. They had two children together, but she filed for divorce a few years later. Although thier separation was moistly amicable, they could not come to an agreement on custody of their kids. What resulted was a custody battle that so far has ended with the woman being forced to pay child support and only receiving visitation rights.

2 Missouri dads regain child custody after mom's flight with kids

Child custody disputes can be emotional and stressful for both parents, but two Missouri fathers are counting their blessings after their daughters disappeared. The mother fled the state with two of her children and was apprehended when she tried to cross the border into another country. The two girls were placed into protective custody until their fathers could get them back home.

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