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February 2013 Archives

Man apprehended on Missouri child support warrant

A Missouri parent wanted on a child support warrant was recently arrested outside of the state. The 27-year-old man was taken to a local correctional facility after an investigation was conducted by multiple law enforcement agencies. The man was wanted in Missouri for reportedly owing over $11,000 in back child support.

Child support in Missouri could be changing

There is a growing movement in the U.S. to change the way many government functions are managed. One area that has been primarily a public sector function is the collection of child support. Currently, several states are investigating the possibility of changing this public function into a private sector function. If such a shift becomes commonplace, it will likely have an impact on families, and could potentially affect parents in Missouri in addition to those elsewhere.

Missouri fathers' rights: Man fought 2 years to regain custody

The loss of a child can be unthinkable for Missouri parents, but one man fought for the right to regain custody of his daughter and has finally won the battle. The man was married to the little girl's mother, and when his daughter was born, the mother claimed the father had abandoned them and put her up for adoption. What followed was a lengthy battle, but it ultimately resulted in an apparent victory for fathers' rights.

Missouri child custody: Man battles after devastating loss

Missouri residents who find themselves in a child custody battle probably understand the emotional difficulty a situation like this can cause. Although many custody cases involve parents at odds over their kids, sometimes they involve more heart-breaking circumstances. A man, grieving the loss of his girlfriend, is involved in a child custody battle after child welfare authorities removed his child.

Missouri child support: Man loses court battle

Missouri law requires parents to support their children, but one father is battling his ex-wife after claiming he should not have to pay for the children they conceived through artificial insemination. The man had undergone a vasectomy, but the couple wanted to have children together and decided to look into having a baby artificially. They were successfully able to have two children, but once the husband filed for divorce, he claimed he should not be forced to pay the child support because they were not biologically his.

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