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Child support in Missouri could be changing

There is a growing movement in the U.S. to change the way many government functions are managed. One area that has been primarily a public sector function is the collection of child support. Currently, several states are investigating the possibility of changing this public function into a private sector function. If such a shift becomes commonplace, it will likely have an impact on families, and could potentially affect parents in Missouri in addition to those elsewhere.

The current theory is that the public sector has been unsuccessful in collecting child support in too many cases. The staff hired to do the work is overextended with too many cases. Proponents intend for companies from the private sector to treat the position as other debt collections are treated. The staff would gain funds from the collections.

Opponents to the privatization approach in Virginia point to a previous attempt in Mississippi during the 1990s. It was unsuccessful to the point of being called a disaster by many, and it did not continue into the 2000s. Supporters say that children would get more of the money, and paying the debt collectors from the child support payments is no loss since without the collections, the children would get nothing.

Regardless, if this approach becomes commonplace it will change the nature of child support payments. For those who have fallen behind but would like to make payments, the interaction would be with a debt collector. This would be quite different from working with the courts to find a solution. The children would also get a smaller portion of the funds due to the debt collector fees when those who owe get caught up on payments. In any case, this type of change to the child support payment system will likely have a dramatic effect on anyone deals with it, and parents in Missouri may want to be aware of new developments in this area.

Source: chron.com, "Top Republicans push child support privatization," Emily Wagster, Feb. 12, 2013

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