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Man apprehended on Missouri child support warrant

A Missouri parent wanted on a child support warrant was recently arrested outside of the state. The 27-year-old man was taken to a local correctional facility after an investigation was conducted by multiple law enforcement agencies. The man was wanted in Missouri for reportedly owing over $11,000 in back child support.

Missouri law enforcement contacted county officials in the area he was reportedly in to notify them that the man was wanted on multiple charges. Local authorities stopped by the man's residence several times but were unable to locate him. Surveillance was used to determine that the man actually lived at the home, and when authorities saw a pizza being delivered they were able to step in and arrest him.

He will likely be extradited back to Missouri. When a parent experiences trouble making their child support obligations, failing to pay could result in criminal charges. There are legal options available that could assist in reducing the payments as long as a hardship can be proved.

Both parents are required by Missouri law to financially support their children. When one parent fails to do so, it could result in serious difficulty for the other's efforts to properly raise the child(ren) in question. If parents are able to agree on a satisfactory amount of support, the matter can in fact be stopped from being dragged into court. However, if communication breaks down it could result in litigation that leads to a judge making the child support decision. It is unknown if the man in this case was experiencing any hardship or financial difficulty, but his decision to evade could ultimately result in a jail term and stiff financial penalties.

Source: newwsandstribune.com, "Sellersburg police make arrest on out-of-state warrant," Gary Popp, Feb. 12, 2013

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