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Missouri child support: Man loses court battle

Missouri law requires parents to support their children, but one father is battling his ex-wife after claiming he should not have to pay for the children they conceived through artificial insemination. The man had undergone a vasectomy, but the couple wanted to have children together and decided to look into having a baby artificially. They were successfully able to have two children, but once the husband filed for divorce, he claimed he should not be forced to pay the child support because they were not biologically his.

A family friend donated sperm to the couple, and they performed the insemination using equipment at their home. The process was successful, and a daughter was born soon after. A couple of years later, they tried the process again and later had a son. Unfortunately, they separated, but the father continued to visit the children and provide them with monetary support.

Once he filed for divorce, he stated the children born during the marriage were not biologically his, and he claimed he never agreed to his wife's insemination. As such, he believed he should not be forced to support them. A trial court disagreed and ordered him to begin paying child support. The father appealed the verdict, but an appeals court again disagreed with him. In its ruling, the court stated the children were a product of their marriage and both parents should financially support them.

Child support is often a contentious issue during a divorce or separation. However, many people will never find themselves in a situation like this one. If a parent refuses to pay court ordered child support, it may require legal intervention. Missouri law requires parents to support their children, and those who do not may find themselves in serious legal trouble.

Source: 10news.com, "Dad claiming artificial insemination negates his child support responsibility faces setback," Jan. 15, 2013

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