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March 2013 Archives

Man accused of dodging child support spotted on Facebook

Images taken from popular social media site Facebook have gotten a district attorney's office in Missouri one step closer to locating a man accused of skipping out on child support payments. The 23-year-old man posted photos of himself on his Facebook profile holding large sums of cash, apparently prompting a DA investigation. A complaint filed in Wisconsin asserts the man has yet to pay any of the $150 per month has owed in child support for the prior three years. His child is just three years old, indicating that the man has paid little or no support for his offspring.

Fathers' rights important issue in Missouri and beyond

The fight for fathers' rights can be hard for Missouri residents and fathers across the country, but it is certainly an important one to wage. It is important for both fathers and children that they establish a caring bond between them. Fathers deserve to have regular visitation with their children, even in cases where they never married their children's mother. Sometimes, this can make it especially important for individuals to pursue fathers' rights in court.

Don't post to Facebook during Missouri child custody battles

Facebook can be a wonderful tool to keep in touch with Missouri friends and family. For some, though, it becomes a tool used against them in divorce or family court. In one case, a mother lost child custody after she reportedly posted derogatory comments about her son on his Facebook page.

Proposed Missouri bill could aid fathers in child custody battles

A proposed child custody bill in Missouri would allow unmarried fathers the right to an expedited hearing when there are allegations of violations against visitation or custody agreements. At this time, only divorced or separated parents can receive a faster hearing. If the House Bill passes, fathers who are not married to their children's mothers but have had legal paternity established will be authorized this right as well. This could benefit children involved in child custody battles, and fathers who may have otherwise had to wait to have their cases heard.

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