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April 2013 Archives

Tragic death draws attention to grandparents' rights in Missouri

Grandparents' rights are gaining more attention as more children are in broken homes or homes that aren't deemed safe for the children. A recent tragic story involving the death of a young boy is drawing attention to grandparents' rights across the country. Missouri residents may have followed along with the rest of the nation in the unfolding events of this tragedy.

Grandparents' rights a concern to Missouri grandparents

Grandparents' rights are often something that can be overlooked. Missouri grandparents can find themselves feeling helpless if their child doesn't have custody of their grandchild or if they don't have a close relationship with their child. While often taking on responsibility for the children, the court system doesn't always recognize grandparents' rights.

Boy at center of child custody battle left at fire station

In Kansas City, Missouri, a 6-year-old boy in the middle of a child custody dispute was left at a fire station. His two estranged parents are in the midst of child custody litigation. Reportedly, it was the father that left the boy at the fire station.

Man arrested for failure to pay child support

Many people have suffered from economic hardship due to the recent recession experienced in the United States. This had led to many noncustodial parents in Missouri and elsewhere failing to make their child support payments. Failure to do so could lead to parents running into trouble with the law. One father seems to have experienced this when he was recently arrested for nonpayment of child support.

Grandparents' rights major topic in Missouri and beyond

The issue of grandparents┬┤ rights is a daily topic all across the nation. Grandparents are seeking the right to visitation, child custody, and legal claim to their grandchildren. Many grandparents in Missouri have to ask if they will see their grandchildren again instead of being able to ask when. For some, grandparents┬┤ rights may be the key to keeping annual vacations from becoming nightmares.

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