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May 2013 Archives

Missouri child custody: rights of non-custodial parents

Many parents in Missouri are aware that child custody cases can be a time of extreme emotion for parents as well as other family members involved. When one parent is incarcerated, a child custody situation can get even more complicated. Recently, a prisoner was granted visitation rights with his child despite the objections of the child's mother.

Missouri parents not paying child support could lose license

Child support can remain a point of contention between separated parents for a long time. While the controversy may not change, the laws regarding the enforcement of child support rulings are always changing. Missouri parents may have read an article regarding a recent decision about revoking the driver's license of a non-paying parent.

Grandparents' rights important to Missouri grandparents

Grandparents' rights are becoming increasingly important as more grandparents are having to step in and take over the parental role. Missouri residents may have read about a recent story in which the mother of a 4-year-old girl took her from school. Thankfully, in situations where children aren't safe in their homes or the children need a place to stay, grandparents' rights may be in place to protect them.

Missouri parents watching child custody case unfold

Child custody cases can be a lengthy, nasty process. One recent case in which the parents of a young boy are fighting with the state for custody of their child has no doubt grabbed the attention of Missouri parents along with other parents nationwide. Child custody cases don't always involve just the parents.

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