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Missouri parents not paying child support could lose license

Child support can remain a point of contention between separated parents for a long time. While the controversy may not change, the laws regarding the enforcement of child support rulings are always changing. Missouri parents may have read an article regarding a recent decision about revoking the driver's license of a non-paying parent.

Suspending a non-paying parent's license has been seen as a harsh consequence to get parents to uphold their obligations. Parents that have lost their license often state that it is difficult for them to maintain employment without a driver's license. However, the state has made it clear that they will not waiver on the law and payments are expected.

The bottom line is that if the payments are made as ordered, a non-custodial parent does not have to fear losing his or her license. As far as the state is concerned, even if a parent's license has been suspended, there are other adequate modes of transportation that can be used to get to work. For each payment that is missed, the custodial parent has to manage without that extra income to take care of the couple's children.

Missouri parents that have been ordered to pay child support may benefit from being aware of the consequences that may occur should payment not be made. States are given many avenues by which to ensure that parents meet their financial obligations to their children. Making court ordered child support payments is as important to the well being of the parents' children as it is to have both parents in their lives.

Source: MPR News, "Court: State may strip driver's license of people delinquent on child support," Bob Collins, May 6, 2013

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