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Missouri parents watching child custody case unfold

Child custody cases can be a lengthy, nasty process. One recent case in which the parents of a young boy are fighting with the state for custody of their child has no doubt grabbed the attention of Missouri parents along with other parents nationwide. Child custody cases don't always involve just the parents.

The child was born with heart problems and needed regular checkups with a cardiologist. They had discussed surgery, but that wasn't thought to be an immediate need. The parents had recently taken the boy to the hospital for unspecified reasons and then left with their child without the proper discharge paperwork later stating that they weren't happy with the care their child was receiving and took their child to another hospital for a second opinion. The child was taken from his parents the following day.

The baby's mother is from Germany, and did not fully understand what was happening and thought the issue had been resolved the night before. A police officer had responded to the second hospital the child was taken to and reported that no neglect was found. For now the couple is left with short visitation periods and isn't even allowed to take pictures or video of the child. The mother has expressed her displeasure about this because her family lives out of the country and looks forward to the usual pictures she sends.

It may be that this situation is just a misunderstanding and can be resolved quickly. Any Missouri parent finding themselves in a similar situation could greatly benefit from knowing the laws regarding child custody. While it can be hard to fight for custody, there is help available can make the process go more smoothly. Knowing what you are facing and understanding the issues at hand can provide some comfort moving forward.

Source: news10.net, "Sacramento couple sees their 5-month-old baby after CPS took him following dispute with doctors," April 27, 2013

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