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Child custody case draws attention of Missouri residents

A child custody case can be a trying time for all parties involved. When the parents are deceased and the family members are fighting for custody, things can get messy. The recent child custody case involving Jovan Belcher's daughter has made headlines throughout Missouri and nationwide.

This is a tragic case as Jovan took the life of his girlfriend, the baby's mother and then his own leaving the child behind. Now, the woman's mother and her cousin are both trying to get custody of the child. The family members live 1,700 miles apart so it was pointed out in court by a specialist that it wouldn't be in the best interest of the child to share time between the two.

There has also been speculation that interested parties could want custody because of the money. The child will receive benefits from the NFL as well as money from her father's retirement account, and a payout from the team he played for, the Kansas City Chiefs. All of this has been pointed out as potential reasons someone may want the child for the wrong reasons. Thankfully the court system is involved and doing their part to make sure the child ends up in the best home possible.

Any Missouri parent or family member fighting for child custody could find it beneficial to know the state laws applicable to their specific situation. While most people think of custody cases involving only the parents, that clearly isn't always the case. By having an understanding of the law, a parent or loved one can feel confident the best outcome will be achieved.

Source: ESPN, "Relatives seek custody of Jovan Belcher's child," June 11, 2013

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