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Missouri father's rights: sons and dads need to spend time

A custody battle can be a trying time for fathers trying to receive custody of their children. Some people believe the court system still favors the mothers and fathers have to fight twice as hard. A father's rights are just as important, if not more important, to men who have sons. Many Missouri dads may already be aware of the influence a male role model can have in the life of a young boy.

All of the tragedy that has occurred in recent months has served as a reminder that a parent's time with his or her children is precious. Boys in a single parent household are most likely raised by their mother and most school teachers are female as well. This could leave a young man without a male role model in their lives. This can cause what are considered to be 'the five D's: depression, drugs, drinking, discipline and delinquency.'

A study has also shown that it is also beneficial for a man's health to spend time with his son. Men who have children are less likely to take risks after becoming a father and typically have better overall health. This can be an important factor to the child as well since they will also benefit from having a healthy father in their life.

Any Missouri father that is facing a divorce or a child custody battle could benefit from having an understanding of the family law in our state, especially when it comes to fighting for a father's rights. Being a parent is an immense responsibility that doesn't go away after a divorce. Making sure that father's have ample time with their children, especially their sons, is just as important as other issues when a child's parents separate.

Source: Sun Sentinel, "Fathers and sons need each other desperately," Margaret Sagarese, May 22, 2013

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