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July 2013 Archives

Missouri: fathers' rights and a father's roles may be changing

The days of mothers always being granted child custody in a divorce seem to be fading. According to recent research, the number of single dads exercising their fathers' rights has dramatically increased in the United States. Missouri men looking to gain custody of their children may be interested in a recent article that discussed fathers' rights.

Missouri residents may be interested in fathers' rights case

Stories of parents fighting for custody of their child are not uncommon, and the circumstances surrounding the issue of custody can change from case to case. While most people may think of parents separating and fighting for custody, that is not always the case. A recent case involving a fight for child custody concerns an 18-year-old seeking to exercise his fathers' rights to receive custody of his 3-month-old daughter. Missouri residents involved in or that knows someone involved in a case concerning fathers' rights may take a special interest in this case.

Grandparents' rights still making headlines in Missouri

In today's society more and more grandparents are taking responsibility for their grandchildren both physically and financially. Any Missouri grandparent taking care of their grandchildren might want to become familiar with their grandparents' rights, as this is becoming a more common arrangement. A recent story making headlines has drawn attention to grandparents' rights nationwide.

Missouri child custody case: former soldier asking for custody

Child custody cases are often a trying time for all parties that are involved in a dispute over who should be raising children on a full-time basis. They are also cases that the media seems to love to publish. A recent child custody case in Missouri involving a former soldier has drawn nationwide attention.

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