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Missouri: fathers' rights and a father's roles may be changing

The days of mothers always being granted child custody in a divorce seem to be fading. According to recent research, the number of single dads exercising their fathers' rights has dramatically increased in the United States. Missouri men looking to gain custody of their children may be interested in a recent article that discussed fathers' rights.

According to research, the number of single fathers has greatly increased over the years. Whether it's a divorce situation or a single parent situation, men appear to be stepping up more than in years past. The study also suggests that men want a different relationship with their kids than they had with their fathers.

The number of single mothers still outnumbers single fathers, but the changing numbers seem to be a trend. Another issue pointed out is that the label of a single father doesn't necessarily mean they are raising the child alone. Approximately forty percent of men have a partner that assists with raising the children whereas women are more likely to actually raise the children alone.

Any Missouri man interested in pursuing his fathers' rights may benefit from having an understanding of the applicable laws. While no two situations are the same, by having a basic understanding of a person's rights, they can determine the best way to move forward with any action that needs to be taken. Should a person find they are unable to proceed on their own, there is help available to help direct a person down the right path.

Source: Huffington Post, "Single Fathers: Pew Research Reports Number Of Single Dads Has Jumped In U.S.," Lisa Belkin, July 2, 2013

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